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About four years ago now I had a sudden rise in consciousness and realised that I wanted to achieve my full potential in life instead of continuing to coast along the way I had done so far. I have subsequently spent the last four years opening my mind and knuckling down in order to move toward my goal and really take control of my own destiny. Now I appreciate that most things available to read online in this field are written by people who have already achieved big things and talk to you from a point of proven success, thereby being able to offer tips and insights into what really works and what has been tried and tested in the field, but I am not yet successful and cannot provide such insights.


However I have done a lot of research and tried some things, and I fully intend on continuing down this route until I reach the success that I so desperately wish to achieve myself, so I decided to share what’s going on with me and how different things help, don’t help, work and don’t work as it may just be of use to (what I am guessing is many) people in the same boat as me. If I can help just one person save time on their journey then I guess it will have been worth me sharing my experiences along the way.


I’m going to jump straight in with a little bit of background about me. I am by all means a regular guy; I grew up in a small town in the north of England in the UK. I was fairly bright as a kid but nothing to write home about and, in fact when someone did write home about me, (school reports) it was often to say that I had potential but was incapable or too reluctant to do anything with it. I enjoyed my time at school but essentially for all the wrong reasons. It was for me nothing more than a daily opportunity to socialise and play the fool, which was very accurately portrayed in my final results upon leaving.


I will continue to post regularly on this blog and if you happen to be interested enough to keep reading then please feel free to subscribe and you can then be sent updates so you don’t miss out and can keep up with our journey in proper chronological order. I will continue to blog regularly to keep you updated on what I am reading, studying and attempting to implement; I will do my best to provide you with the best bits of information I come across and the most salient points as I see them. I truly look forward to sharing my journey with you and hope that I can help you out too, or at least keep you entertained as we blunder through this adventure together!


As you work through the core content in the ‘Home’ section of this website, you will notice how the subjects cross over each other and are very much interlinked. This is not by accident and is actually a really important aspect to take note of. Nothing in this world is isolated (trust me, in the depths of my depression there were times when I truly felt alone, but this was simply not the case), and in fact everything that happens and exists is interlinked to everything else in existence. These subjects are no different, therefore, and in order to get the maximum benefit from the content on this site it is important that you read through, and understand it all. As you do this everything will eventually start to work in unison for you and have profound and welcome changes to your daily life. This does not need to happen instantly and almost certainly won’t, but with patience, practice and understading, you will eventually reap great rewards for your efforts. It can be difficult at times, especially at the beginning, but try to enjoy the journey as much as the end goal you aspire to, it is a wonderful experience.


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Everything in this blog is given to you for free and is entirely subjective based on my experiences, thoughts and feelings and I hope you (the reader) are able to take away useful information and learn things from it. On an important note, before we get going, I want to make it clear that links to services and products on this site will often be affiliate links. This means that, although you will pay no more money for the prodcut or service, I will be given a small referal fee from the company, for sending you to them.


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