Inquisitive Mind

Keep asking ‘why’!   When you contemplate or assess things in your head, it is important that you ask why,[…]


Willpower is essential as it will assist you in achieving almost any task you undertake. I’ve already mentioned how achieving[…]

Habits (Breaking Loops)

Habitual behaviour constitutes a huge part of our lives. This is simply the way our brains work, by building patterns of[…]


The matter of reading falls under the Education topic, but as it is such a valuable topic, I have given[…]

Self Awareness

You must create a conscious habit within your mind to notice your actions. Do not try to change them to start with,[…]

Self Control

Self control like all other subjects I am presenting you with, is something that requires cultivating and strengthening and will[…]

Physical Fitness

We all know this one! It’s become common knowledge now that exercise makes you healthy, and yet, it would appear[…]

Goals & Visualisation

Goals are important, but most often thought of as dreams, and as such can be thought of as idealistic and[…]


Learning and earning tend to be the most common correlation that people draw in their mind, when thinking about education. Learn more,[…]

Positive Mental Attitude

‘As I think, so I am’   Don’t confuse this with Descates’ ‘I think therefore I am’, because although the[…]

Coming Soon

Monthly blog posts in the ‘Blog’ section of the site will all be around topics discussed here and there will[…]